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A Visionary is born to bring, Inner Peace, Happiness, and Prosperity in this Universe. Yes, its indeed a great honor to introduce a ‘Renowned Spiritually Awakened Legend’ to this World - Wellness Guru His Holiness Vasanth Vijay Maharaj. He is a widely venerated as a Spiritual Master of Subconscious Mind Activation, the greatest Mantra Shiromani and a Pioneer Peace Maker of the 21st Century.
He is the first Indian Jain Monk to be appointed as the Ambassador of Peace by the United Nations and the Diplomatic Consular from India by the International Parliament of Safety and Peace (UN body). His Holiness had been honored with the Title of Universal Guru of Subconscious Mind Activation in 2022, Won the Public Peace Prize Award in 2015 and has been the Nobel Peace Prize Nominee in 2011. His Holiness have also been awarded with 9 Guinness World Records and 5 Limca World Records and thousands of Honors, Titles and Awards for his Pioneering works towards serving the mankind.

His Holiness is visiting in US this 4th Jan 2024. Join us to seek his abundant blessings in California, Florida, Houston, New Jersey, Maryland And Delaware

Art of Spiritual Healing

He is a spiritually awakened Guru who has spent more than 30 years of his lifetime in continued meditation in the deep mountains of Himalayas, steep slopes of Benares and in the holy waters of Vindyachal.
He has created vibrant History in the field of subconscious mind activation and spirituality. In all his preachings, his emphasis has always been on the power of subconscious mind that one can achieve success and get rid of all their problems with the power they possess within themselves. The vibration of positive thoughts in one’s life and the removal of negativity completely is the art of Spiritual living

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His Holiness is the only such Intellectual who has brought the very idea of Introducing Peace Education as a New Subject in School Curriculum in order to implement the Gospel of Peaceful Living right at the root among School children who are the Future leaders of any Nation. His Holiness strongly believes that ‘to educate children right at school level is not only hugely important but also the need of the hour as we can certainly avoid another generation of Terrorists, Suicide Bombers and Sleeper Cells’. If children and youngsters have a strong understanding on peace and living in harmony, nobody can manipulate and shake their innocent minds. His Holiness vision is to open a new gateway for a Peaceful World unlike today which is full of civil wars and conflicts. His Holiness was also invited to meet with the Pope Francesco at the Vatican City, Rome on Jan 22, 2014. During the meeting, both the World leaders greeted each other, and His Holiness discussed on Peace Education to be introduced in School Curriculum worldwide as a purely new subject and explained the Importance of Peace in the present times. His Holiness presented the Books on Peace Education and its Five Point Agenda to the Pope and both shared common thoughts on the Peace Mission and to work towards implementing the same


Agenda For Parents

Agenda For Policy Makers

Agenda For Principals

Agenda For Students

Agenda For Teachers

Parliament of the
world's religions

His Holiness was invited at the World Parliament of Religions on October 2015 at the Salt Lake City. USA and his participated proved phenomenal. He was honoured for His Peace Mission and his Stupendous Lecture was greatly applauded in the plenary session among the audience of 10,000 at the World Parliament. He also had the honour to present the Ahimsa Award for the Year 2015.

Life Changing Techniques

6 Positive Affirmations For Inner Strength

Subconcious mind activation/awakening

Dive into the profound practice of subconscious mind activation with Wellness Guru His Holiness Vasanth Vijay Maharaj, where ancient wisdom meets modern mindfulness. Through guided meditation and breathwork, unlock the hidden potential within, fostering a deep connection between mind and spirit. Harness the transformative power of yoga as a pathway to awaken the subconscious mind, inviting inner peace and self-discovery.

How Yoga mudhras benefits human life ?

Unlock the profound benefits of Yoga Mudras on your journey to well-being with Wellness Guru His Holiness VASANTH VIJAYJI MAHARAJ. These ancient hand gestures, integral to the practice of yoga, enhance concentration and focus, promoting a serene mind. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic world of Mudras, known to alleviate stress and anxiety, fostering a deep sense of inner peace. Experience heightened energy flow through these symbolic hand postures, promoting physical and mental harmony. Join us in embracing the transformative power of Yoga Mudras, and witness the positive impact they can bring to your holistic health and daily life.

Success In Every Sphere Of Life With Spirituality

How to achieve Success, happiness and wealth ?

Wellness Guru His Holiness VASANTH VIJAYJI MAHARAJ, a revered yoga guru, shares profound wisdom on achieving success, happiness, and wealth. According to him, success begins with inner alignment—harmony of body, mind, and spirit through the practice of yoga. Maharaj emphasizes that true happiness blossoms when we cultivate gratitude, mindfulness, and compassion in our daily lives. In the pursuit of wealth, he advocates for a holistic approach, where spiritual abundance complements material prosperity. Maharaj's teachings guide us to integrate ancient wisdom into modern living, creating a path towards holistic success, enduring happiness, and genuine wealth."

National Farmer Day

Positive thoughts for a successful life ..

"Embrace the power of positive thoughts, as shared by Guru Vasanth Maharaj: 'In the garden of your mind, cultivate seeds of positivity to reap a harvest of success.' Maharaj encourages us to 'align our thoughts with the energy we wish to attract, for positivity is the cornerstone of a successful life.' 'Let each thought be a step towards your goals,' he advises, reminding us that 'a mind filled with positivity becomes a magnet for abundance.' Join Guru Vasanth Maharaj's wisdom and embark on a journey where positive thoughts pave the path to a truly fulfilling and successful life.".

New Inspirations For New Year

How to Get Rid of all your diseases - long term illness or any type of pain in no time

"Experience holistic healing with Yoga Guru Vasanth Maharaj as he guides you on a transformative journey to eliminate long-term illnesses and pains. Vasant Maharaj Ji's profound wisdom unveils the secrets to achieve lasting well-being through the ancient practices of yoga. Discover the power of mindfulness, breathwork, and specialized techniques tailored to alleviate various ailments. Embrace a life free from the shackles of disease as Vasant Maharaj Ji shares time-tested methods to restore balance and vitality. Join us on the path to wellness and let Vasant Maharaj Ji be your guide to a pain-free and rejuvenated life."


The power of subconscious mind - secret of success

Wellness Guru His Holiness VASANTH VIJAYJI MAHARAJ, the esteemed yoga guru, unveils the profound wisdom that lies in harnessing the power of the subconscious mind. According to Maharaj Ji, the secret to success resides in unlocking the untapped potential within our subconscious realms. Through the transformative practices of yoga and mindfulness, he guides seekers to delve into the depths of their minds, revealing the keys to manifesting their deepest desires. With Vasanth Maharaj's teachings, discover the transformative journey of aligning thoughts, actions, and intentions for a life of unparalleled success. Join us on this enlightening path as we unlock the secrets of the subconscious mind together."

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